Vanlife is not just a trend; it’s a lifestyle embraced by many who seek freedom, adventure, and a closer connection to nature. However, living in a van comes with its own set of challenges. At The Van Conversion Guide, we’ve spent years perfecting the art of van living, and we’re here to share our expertise. Here are some essential accessories that can elevate your vanlife experience from basic to luxurious.
Living on the road doesn’t mean compromising on basic comforts. Showering is a luxury that every vanlifer can enjoy with the right tools.

Water Pump Shower

A portable water pump shower can be a game-changer. Simply drop it into a bucket of water, and you have a makeshift shower at your disposal. This eliminates the need for awkward cold shower bags or makeshift solutions. Learn more about water pump showers here.

Toilet Solutions for Vanlifers

Addressing nature’s call while on the road can be a challenge, but with the right equipment, it becomes a breeze.

Portable Loo

A collapsible travel toilet can be a lifesaver. It’s compact, easy to use, and ensures you have a private space, whether inside or outside the van. Check out some recommended portable loos here.

Cooking in a Van: Beyond the Basics

Eating the same meals can become monotonous. Spice up your vanlife dining experience with some cool cooking gear.

Korean BBQ Stove Attachment

Switch up your meals with a Korean BBQ stove attachment. It’s a fun way to diversify your menu and enjoy a unique dining experience. Find the best BBQ stove attachments here.

Morning Rituals: Boiling Water

Start your day right with a hot beverage. Make your mornings smoother with the right tools.

Collapsible Tea Kettle

Boil water efficiently with a collapsible tea kettle. It’s space-saving and ensures you get your morning dose of caffeine without any hassle. Discover the best tea kettles for vanlife here.

The Comfort of Airflow: Fans for Vanlife

Proper ventilation is crucial, especially during those hot summer nights or when you’re cooking inside the van.

Rechargeable Battery Powered Fan

A battery-powered fan can be a lifesaver. Whether you’re cooking, sleeping, or just relaxing, a fan ensures you stay cool and comfortable. Explore top-rated fans for vanlife here.

Essential Accessories Why You Need Them Where to Find Them
Water Pump Shower Convenient showers Link
Portable Loo Hygiene on the go Link
Korean BBQ Stove Diverse meals Link
Collapsible Tea Kettle Quick boiling water Link
Battery Powered Fan Comfortable airflow Link

Power, Water, and Food: The Three Pillars

Living in a van requires a balance of three essential pillars: power, water, and food. Ensuring you have reliable sources for each is crucial.

Solar Generators

Solar generators are a sustainable way to charge your devices on the go, even if you don’t have a full solar setup. They harness the power of the sun, allowing you to remain off-grid for longer periods. Learn more about solar generators here.

Water Storage Solutions

Staying hydrated is vital. Consider investing in large water storage containers and purification systems to ensure you always have access to clean water.

Food Storage and Preservation

A good refrigerator or cooler is essential for preserving perishables. Pair this with airtight containers to keep dry foods fresh and free from pests.

Van Life Essentials from Experienced Vanlifers

Gaining insights from seasoned vanlifers can save you time, money, and potential headaches.

Essential Maintenance Accessories

Regular van maintenance is crucial. Travel with a portable jump starter, jack stands, and essential tools to handle minor repairs on the road. Check out a comprehensive maintenance packing list here.

Comfort Accessories for Vanlife

Your van should be a haven of comfort. Invest in proper bedding, bug netting for those summer nights, and swivel front seats for added space and convenience.

Van Life Gadgets and Gear

From safety equipment like fire extinguishers and CO detectors to essential electronics like solar generators, ensure you’re equipped for all scenarios.

Vanlife Category Must-Have Items Additional Tips
Power Solar Generators Harness solar energy for sustainable power.
Water Large Storage Containers, Purification Systems Stay hydrated and ensure access to clean water.
Food Refrigerator/Cooler, Airtight Containers Preserve perishables and keep dry foods fresh.
Maintenance Portable Jump Starter, Jack Stands, Essential Tools Be prepared for minor repairs on the go.
Comfort Proper Bedding, Bug Netting, Swivel Front Seats Make your van a haven of comfort.
Gadgets & Gear Fire Extinguishers, CO Detectors, Solar Generators Equip yourself for all scenarios.