The scarcity of new models and rising used prices have led to an increase in the theft of campervans and their contents. As experts in the field, The Van Conversion Guide delves deep into the world of campervan security, offering insights and solutions to ensure your mobile home remains safe and secure.

The Basics of Campervan Security

Understanding the basics of campervan security is the first step to ensuring the safety of your vehicle. With vehicle crime on the rise, especially during specific times like New Year, it’s essential to be proactive.

Professional Thieves vs. Opportunists

Professional thieves often have a sophisticated setup, starting with spotters who locate specific vehicles. Once identified, these vehicles are tracked, and their keys are duplicated, making theft a seamless process. On the other hand, opportunists look for easy targets, often deterred by visible security measures.
Tip: A documentary on Grand Theft Auto UK provides eye-opening insights into how professional thieves operate.

Key Security

Keys play a pivotal role in vehicle security. Leaving them near the front door or visible from windows makes your vehicle an easy target. Keyless entry systems, although convenient, have vulnerabilities. Thieves can electronically grab the signal broadcasted by keyless entry fobs. Solutions include:

  • Using a Faraday pouch to block the signal.
  • Keeping the fob far from the vehicle or even in unconventional places like a fridge.

Parking and Environmental Security

The environment where you park your campervan plays a significant role in its security. Most thefts occur between 6 pm and 6 am, with thieves preferring vehicles parked on the street. Enhancing security can be as simple as:

  • Parking close to your house.
  • Using CCTV for surveillance.
  • Being aware of high-risk times, like New Year.

Selling Your Campervan Safely

If you’re considering selling your campervan privately, be cautious. There have been instances where potential buyers distract sellers while cloning their keys. Always:

  • Keep the keys in sight.
  • Avoid revealing security system details until the sale is finalized.

Advanced Campervan Security Enhancements

Wheel Security

Wheel security is often overlooked, but it’s an essential aspect of campervan safety. Locking wheel bolts, especially those approved by Thatcham, can deter thieves. However, it’s crucial to store the key away from the standard toolkit, as thieves are aware of this common practice.

Door and Window Security

Given the choice between a cab or habitation door, thieves often opt for the latter due to their vulnerabilities. Enhancing door security can be achieved by:

  • Adding extra locks to habitation doors.
  • Installing reinforced door-locking systems.
  • Using security plates to protect areas prone to attacks.

Securing the Environment

Being aware of your surroundings and choosing safe parking spots can significantly reduce the risk of theft. Simple measures include:

  • Hiding valuables inside the campervan.
  • Making the vehicle look uninviting.
  • Using blinds or towels to cover items that can’t be hidden.

Advanced Security Systems and Features

Modern security systems offer a range of features to enhance campervan safety. From alarms to trackers, these systems provide peace of mind to owners. However, it’s essential to choose systems approved by recognized bodies like Thatcham.
Tip: VanBitz offers a Thatcham-approved Growler alarm system that’s designed to deter thieves with its loud noise.

Steering Wheel Locks

Steering wheel locks, especially those covering the entire wheel, can deter thieves and prevent airbag theft. Brands like Disklok and Autolok are popular choices.

Motorhome Wheel Clamps and Security Posts

Wheel clamps, especially those rated Sold Secure Gold, act as visual deterrents. Brands like Autolok, Bulldog, and Milenco offer a range of options. Security posts, when installed correctly, can also enhance security.

Pedal Locks

Pedal lock systems prevent the operation of pedals, making them an effective deterrent. However, it’s essential to choose models approved by Thatcham.

Advanced Campervan Security Enhancements: Beyond the Basics

As campervan enthusiasts and experts at The Van Conversion Guide, we understand the importance of security. While the basics are crucial, delving deeper into advanced security measures can provide an added layer of protection and peace of mind. Let’s explore these enhancements.

Wheel Security

Wheel security is paramount. Thieves often target wheels as they can be easily resold.
Table: Wheel Security Measures

Measure Description Benefit
Locking Wheel Bolts Bolts that require a unique key for removal. Deters thieves due to added complexity.
Wheel Clamps Devices that lock around the wheel, preventing movement. Visible deterrent for opportunists.
Security Posts Fixed posts to lock the vehicle in place. Prevents vehicle from being driven away.

Door and Window Security

Doors and windows are common entry points for thieves. Enhancing their security can significantly reduce the risk of break-ins.
Table: Door and Window Security Enhancements

Enhancement Description Benefit
Extra Locks Additional locks on habitation doors. Provides an added layer of security.
Reinforced Systems Upgraded door-locking systems. Deters professional thieves.
Security Plates Plates that protect vulnerable areas. Prevents forced entry.

Securing the Environment

Your campervan’s surroundings play a pivotal role in its security. Being vigilant and proactive can make all the difference.
Table: Environmental Security Tips

Tip Description Benefit
Hide Valuables Keep valuables out of sight. Reduces temptation for thieves.
Uninviting Look Make the vehicle appear occupied or less appealing. Deters opportunists.
Use Blinds Cover windows to hide the interior. Prevents scouting of potential loot.

Advanced Security Systems and Features

Incorporating technology can elevate your campervan’s security to new heights. Modern systems offer a plethora of features tailored for campervans.
Table: Modern Security Systems

System Description Benefit
Alarms Sound-based deterrents. Alerts owners and scares off thieves.
Trackers Allows the vehicle to be tracked in real-time. Assists in recovery if stolen.
CCTV Surveillance cameras for monitoring. Provides evidence and deters thieves.


Wheel clamps, especially those rated Sold Secure Gold, act as strong visual deterrents. They make the theft process cumbersome, deterring opportunists.

While convenient, keyless entry systems can be vulnerable. Thieves can capture the signal from keyless fobs. Using a Faraday pouch can prevent this.

Simple measures like using blinds, covering valuables, and making the vehicle appear occupied can deter thieves.