Is there anything more terrifying than packing for a trip and realising you overlooked something? Your phone’s charger, was it? Your toothbrush, perhaps? You assure yourself that everything will be well and that you can always buy it when you get home. However, it’s not necessary to be that way; you may travel with everything you need and desire, especially if you have a campervan to keep it all in. One benefit of a motorhome is that there is enough campervan storage space and no need to pack and repack continuously.

Below is a list of campervan essentials to help you make sure you have everything you need. There may be some items on the list of campervan essentials that don’t pertain to you, such as those designed for family vacations or those appropriate for particular places and climates.

Campervan Essentials for the Campsite

Packing for a camping vacation always results in forgetting certain essentials. You may avoid it by ensuring your camping checklist is adequately thought out. Here are some recommendations on things to bring camping.

Outdoor Chairs

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Unquestionably, folding camping chairs are a need. There are wide varieties, but not all of them are equal. You may even acquire more minor children’s camping seats if you’d prefer.

Electric Hookup for Camping

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A good-length camping power connect-up cable is required. To provide you with maximum freedom, a 25m cable is suggested. You might want to consider bringing adapters if you’re travelling to the UK to be ready for this.

Campfire Fuel

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Make that you have the appropriate camping gas bottle for your vehicle. Camping Gaz 907 is the industry norm. Because you are effectively putting in a deposit for the bottle, the initial cost is relatively expensive, but subsequent bottles should only cost about £37. In the majority of European nations, you may trade it.

Outdoor Lighting

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With the blackout shades, it will be virtually completely dark at night, so you might want to think about getting a nightlight. It is simpler to have some low-level light if there are any nighttime awakenings or the youngsters need to descend from the campervan roof. There are several alternatives. You might also include fairy lights with your campervan essentials.

Camping Desk

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Even if your campervan probably comes equipped with a table out of the box, you should ask yourself if you intend to spend the whole trip eating inside the vehicle. You’ll have far more flexibility if you have a foldable camping table, and it’s much more pleasant to dine outside, in the rain, or under your awning than inside your van.

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Levellers for Campervans

The best advice for someone who has never camped in a campervan (or caravan) or motorhome is to take some time to choose a level area when you first arrive at your pitch for the night. When the best locations are all occupied, this is occasionally simply impossible, and levellers are used. They are among the essential campervan accessories and make all the difference.

Collapsible Bucket

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Buckets that collapse are practical and ought to be on your list of campervan essentials. Its primary function is to collect spent water from the sink drain. You might not need this if you have a waste tank installed, but if not, you must catch the water drains from your sink so that it doesn’t pour directly onto the campground. Almost flat when folded, it is. You may take it to the beach or use it as a nighttime potty. Perhaps you shouldn’t use it for both.

Drive-Away Awning

If you are taking your family on the road, you will want more interior room than just that provided by your campervan. For three primary reasons, a drive-away awning is advised.

  • The campervan awning may reserve your space while you tour the neighbourhood.
  • You may keep your possessions in the awning while you sleep in the van.
  • Having a backup camping shelter is a smart idea in case of rain.

You have the choice of utilising a different tent. However, the advantages of using a van awning rather than a tent are as follows:

  • Moving from the vehicle to the awning provides total rain protection.
  • You may improve airflow in the van by leaving the side door open in hot weather.

Lamp to Repel Mosquitoes

You may use your mosquito repellent in place of a lamp. The USB-rechargeable mosquito light is available for purchase.

Campervan Essentials for the Kitchen

The camper van kitchen is one of the best features of owning your own mobile home. Being able to cook while camping is notoriously tricky, so having a proper countertop, burner, sink, and even refrigerator is a significant improvement. Fortunately, several excellent solutions can enable you to maximise the use of your camper van kitchen.

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Outdoor Kettle

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While you can boil water in a pan for tea or coffee, the flavour of the hot beverage will be compromised if the pan is also used for cooking spicy or odorous foods like curries or chillies. One of the nicest campervan essentials is a separate kettle.

Portable Stove

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Having a second camping stove is unnecessary because most campervans are equipped with a two-burner gas range. However, if you prepare a very hot or heavy meal, you might wish to cook it outside. A portable camping grill that can also serve as a wok is an additional option.

Water Container for Camping

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It is a good idea to have a sizable water carrier so that you won’t have to make many visits to the nearby water faucet. You may fill the water carrier once a day and leave it under the awning for drinking water. If you wish to fill the water tank in your van, keep in mind that if you don’t have access to a long hose that you can use to fill the tank directly, you will need something with a spout (like a watering can).

Different Small Kitchen Appliances

Here is a brief list of little kitchen necessities that you should have:

  • Camping cutlery set
  • Camping pans
  • Chopping board
  • Cooking utensils
  • Eco-friendly washing up liquid
  • Microfibre cloths
  • Nesting bowl and colander set
  • Swiss army knife
  • Vegetable peeler

Campervan Essentials for the Bathroom

Before getting into the necessities for the bathroom, it is essential to point out that you should always bring along a first aid kit when you travel. It does not take up much room, and it is much simpler to have the necessities available, especially if you are travelling to another country and are not acquainted with their medications or brands. It is especially true if you are travelling to a developing nation.

  • Camping Toilet
  • Camping shower
  • First Aid Kit
  • Microfibre towels
  • Toiletries

Various Items of Camping Gear

The days of camping being a constant uphill fight against the weather are long behind us. Even camping equipment in the harshest conditions now folds up easily and provides a high level of comfort.

Packing Cubes

These are wonderful for storing simply beneath the bed and keeping everyone’s clothing organised and separate. Individuals have their own cubes, which individuals may access by pulling out from under their beds whenever they need to retrieve their clothing.

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Containers for Multiple Uses and Purposes

When travelling, you may readily stow the multi-purpose storage boxes on the back seat, and when camping, they can be quickly removed from the back seat and stored in the awning. Additionally, you may use them to wash dishes and clothing with them.

Clothes Line

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Bring along your portable laundry line, which should have hooks on both ends so that you may hang it between trees. Be sure to carry some tent pegs to secure any smaller objects you don’t want to blow away into your neighbour’s space if the wind gets up.

Packable Jackets

Your packable coats are convenient to have on hand, just in case, and they do not use a significant amount of storage space. They compress into incredibly tiny bags and are an excellent choice for van life. There are plenty of these for the entire family.

Bottles of water

Always bring along your refillable water bottles since they come in especially handy when you’re out camping, and you don’t want to waste time filling up the entire water carrier.


campervan essentials

The use of a doormat will significantly reduce the amount of mess brought inside the vehicle. You can choose to have a super-thin, non-slip one that remains in the primary living space without obstructing movement.

Compact Dustpan and Cleaning Brush

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A compact dustpan and brush set is perhaps one of the most important items on our campervan essentials, especially if you stay on a sandy seaside campground. It may not sound fascinating, but it is undoubtedly one of the essential items on our list. If you have young children entering and exiting the vehicle, there is just no foolproof method to prevent sand from getting inside, and the last thing you want is for it to get into your bed. This compact set is simple to put away.


Regardless of your preferences, there is little question that the best campervan essentials and tools listed above may make your trip more enjoyable, safer, and more vital in various ways. Do not venture into the vast outdoors without proper preparation. Bringing along even a small number of campervan essentials may make your journey more enjoyable, secure, and memorable.