Are you prepared to go on your van life journey? Do you need help choosing the appropriate vehicle for your camper? It’s an extensive choice that halts many people in their tracks, but don’t be concerned.

The best vans for camper conversions are mentioned below to make things simpler—a well-balanced mixture of large, medium, and tiny vehicles. Therefore, everyone should find something to like.

Best Van to Convert to Camper

This ranking is based on years of van conversion expertise and the numerous van conversion excursions documented.

1. Ford Transit

best van to convert to camper

In terms of the best van to convert to a camper, the Ford Transit ranks relatively high. Ford Transit van conversions are popular since they come in a wide range of sizes, cost less than the Sprinter, and now include an AWD option.


  • Extremely cost-effective van
  • One of the tallest vans available
  • Ford is so widely used that almost any repair shop can work on a Ford Transit and readily get affordable replacement components.


  • Finding a good used Ford Transit vehicle may be challenging because this is a relatively new van.
  • Any van older than 2020 will not have the AWD capability because it was first made available in 2020.
  • The Ford Transit has a reputation for using a lot of gas. The average fuel economy of a completely converted Ford Transit van is 14–17 mpg.
  • These vans’ mechanical dependability is lower than that of other vans.

Why and for whom is Ford Transit ideal?

Due to its exceptionally high roof, the Ford Transit van is the most excellent van available for tall people. It is also a fantastic vehicle for anyone looking for the best van to convert to a camper on a tight budget while having a high-quality, easily repairable house on wheels

2. International School Bus

best van to convert to camper

The International School Bus ranks second on this list of the finest vans for conversion. Despite not being the most popular option for camper conversion, School Bus DIY campervans are becoming increasingly popular because of their size, safety, and all-around awesomeness.


  • Lots of space is available for a campervan conversion.
  • Buses for students are pretty safe. They are significantly safer than an RV since they feature a roll cage and are strengthened with steel. After all, they were made to convey kids.
  • Compared to an RV, it costs substantially less.


  • Aside from the small form, it is too huge to fit in standard parking places and might be challenging to manoeuvre.
  • A converted International School Bus has almost no stealth.
  • It must maintain medium and standard-sized international school buses at a truck repair shop since they are too big for a typical mechanic’s garage.
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Why and for who is the International School Bus ideal?

An International School Bus van conversion is ideal for those looking for a safer and less expensive alternative to a standard RV. Because they offer so much space, they are also excellent for families.

3. Iveco Daily

best van to convert to camper

The largest campervan on the market is the Iveco Daily. This vehicle is excellent for someone looking for a large van with a robust and dependable engine since it can haul a significant amount of freight. In 2020, an entirely electric Iveco Daily was released, and this van already has a stellar reputation for dependability.


  • The Iveco Daily Van is a big van with several DIY modification possibilities.
  • The off-roading skills of this vehicle are exceptional.
  • Several variations of this van are on the market, including an all-electric version.


  • Expensive price van
  • Not the most straightforward vehicle to operate on the market

Why and for who is the Iveco Daily ideal?

The Iveco Daily is the best van to convert to a camper for luxury. Given its size, you can fit as many rooms and amenities as you’d like inside, giving you complete control over the campervan’s interior. Due to its robust construction, this vehicle is also excellent for individuals who enjoy intense off-roading.

4. Fiat Ducato

best van to convert to camper

Based on the Ducato Chassis, these vans are practically identical versions of one another. They are excellent vans for conversion since they are adaptable and come in various sizes and types. Because of their square design, optimum turning radius, and range of sizes, these vans are also excellent candidates for van conversion.


  • High safety rating with loads of safety features, including roll-over mitigation and steering control.
  • Excellent gas economy up to 35 mpg.
  • More expansive
  • Compared to other huge vans, this one is cheap.


  • The cab of these vehicles could be more spacious.
  • Without the additional high roof variant, these vans aren’t particularly tall.
  • It might be challenging to drive on minor roads because of their breadth.
  • These vans have a history of electrical issues, and it might be challenging to get new components.
  • Compared to VW or Mercedes vans, these vehicles are less dependable.

Why and for who is the Fiat Ducato ideal?

Fiat Ducato van is ideal for lengthy road journeys since they generate outstanding gas mileage. It is also suitable for anyone who desires to sleep throughout the width of their car. For those looking for a reasonably priced and fuel-efficient vehicle, this van is excellent.

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5. Ram Promaster

best van to convert to camper

The Dodge Ram Promaster is the next best van to convert to a camper. This option is cheaper than the Sprinter Van and features an extra-wide body and excellent stealth.


  • This van’s body is around 10 cm wider than the Ford Transit and Sprinter Van. This extra width helps fit a van bed widthwise.
  • It is incredibly manoeuvrable and simple to drive and park in cities because of its smaller size.
  • It is a superb stealth van since it has an appearance that most closely resembles a cargo van.
  • This van is significantly less expensive and more economical to operate than others on the market.


  • Although this vehicle has a low roof clearance, it also has a low ground clearance.
  • It has no 4WD option, making it a poor van for off-roading excursions.
  • DIY van conversions are a little more challenging because of their rounded interior.
  • It might be challenging to acquire high-quality used vehicles because it is a relatively new compared to other vans.

Why and for who is the Ram Promaster ideal?

For those who don’t need overhead storage, this van is excellent. It’s perfect for van lifers who want to live and drive in cities and for camper conversion.

6. Renault Master

best van to convert to camper

The best van to convert to a camper is the Renault Master. It is a cheap van that is dependable. Its medium and long wheelbase variants are excellent choices for single travellers or couples who wish to convert a campervan to a home.


  • Its interior is the perfect form for van conversion. The internal lines are linear and smooth, making insulation and upgrades simple.
  • The diesel engine on it is pretty powerful.
  • Have a very high load capacity of more than 1,600 kg.


  • Very rough van to drive around since it is designed to carry significant weight.
  • Compared to the Ford Transit, Fiat Ducato, and other vans, this requires regular maintenance.

Why and for who is the Renault Master ideal?

If you like a strong engine and don’t want to worry too much about the weight of your van conversion, the Renault Master is the best van to convert to a camper.

7. Sprinter

best van to convert to camper

The best van to convert to a camper is, without a doubt, the Sprinter Van. Sprinter vans are reliable and adaptable, with many interior customisation options. The SWB wheelbase versions offer the choice between low and high roofs, whilst LWB models have high ceilings. The Mercedes Sprinter Van and the Dodge Sprinter Van are essentially the same vans when discussing Sprinter modifications.

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  • It has a solid record for campervan conversion and deserves its status as the finest vehicle for the job.
  • Diesel or gasoline engines are available.
  • Sprinter vans have a lengthy lifespan. Sprinter Vans frequently last for more than 300,000 kilometres.
  • Due to the Sprinter Van’s widespread use, finding a good secondhand Sprinter Van is simple.
  • Due to the popularity of the Sprinter Van, there are several plan and style options for your do-it-yourself van conversion.


  • The Sprinter Van is expensive.
  • It might be challenging to get a Sprinter Van repaired. Technicians seldom service sprinter Vans; instead, they are often referred to the dealer, which may be highly expensive.
  • The Sprinter Vans may be challenging and unpleasant to drive because of their size.

Why and for who is the Sprinter Van ideal?

Anyone looking for a high-quality vehicle to convert and with a reasonable amount of money should choose this one.

8. Volkswagen Crafter

best van to convert to camper

One of the most extensive and costly vehicles for camper conversions is the VW Crafter. The Mercedes Sprinter and the VW Crafter are similar in many aspects. The VW Crafter and Sprinter are fundamentally different; the Sprinter is more extended, lighter, and has a more streamlined design.


  • Driving the VW Crafter is a breeze.
  • The VW Crafter’s most significant advantage is its size. The sky’s the limit regarding what you can do and fit inside this van when you combine the expanded long wheelbase with a high roof.


  • The pricing of this vehicle is by far its worst drawback. Even pre-owned variants of this van cost a lot of money.
  • Not the most fuel-efficient van available for conversion to a campervan.

Why and for who is the VW Crafter ideal?

This van is the most acceptable option for someone looking to convert a vast campervan on a significant budget. This vehicle can be the perfect camper if you have unlimited cash and want to create your ideal van. Given that the VW Crafter can fit so many people inside, it is also one of the most excellent conversion vans for camping with the family.


It’s crucial to choose your best van to convert to a camper. Not only should you thoroughly study which campervan to transform into, but you should also consider what features you desire in a van and select your van appropriately. Everyone has various requirements and preferences for their ideal campervan, so be bold and choose the vehicle that appeals to you the most.