It might be difficult to consider how you’ll store all of your belongings in a campervan, but fear not: we’ve got you covered with a plethora of clever solutions. To help you figure out how to effectively organise your belongings in your campervan, we’ve included examples of our storage strategies and inventive solutions from other vanlifers.

Why Do I Need Campervan Storage?

campervan storage

Vehicle storage is an integral aspect of the campervan lifestyle. To quickly and easily locate an item when needed, having a designated space for your possessions and maintaining that space orderly is crucial.

Your clothing, toiletries, food, and cooking equipment will require a place to call home. What we’ve laid down so far is the absolute least required.

Gears for Adventure:  Make room for your mountain bike, climbing equipment, skis, surfboard, and everything else you use for your favourite extreme activity.

Electronics: You’ll need a place to keep your laptop, extra storage, camera equipment, etc. if you do remote work as well

Camping Equipment: Do you like wild camping? Us too! You’ll need room for your tent, sleeping bag, cooking supplies, bear spray, and anything else you’ll need for a wilderness trip.

Getting your campervan tidy and making the most of the available space is essential, so we’ve gathered a list of 20+ brilliant campervan storage ideas to help you do that.

Kitchen Storage

campervan storage

You’ll need to figure out how to keep everything, whether you choose the budget-friendly path with a relatively cheap campervan kitchen or you want to spend and give yourself a fancy campervan kitchen.

Here are some innovative storage options for campervan kitchens that we’ve discovered, along with suggestions from other vanlifers.

Food and cooking supplies storage

Using small, tight areas to pack all of your essentials into a tiny house is critical, and that’s precisely what these vanlifers achieved. You can store more in otherwise underused space in your kitchen by constructing thin pull-out shelf systems. These shelf systems are ideal for storing kitchen necessities, including spices, pantry goods, and cutlery.

Vertical Storage Unit

Make better use of the space in your cupboards by storing nice-looking wine glasses like these in vertical storage. When living in a campervan, the most important thing is to make the most of the available space in whatever way you can.

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Dish storage

When arranging your campervan storage options, remember that everything in your van must be secured or it may get jumbled when traversing that twisting mountain route.

This is an excellent way to keep your dishes safe in the cabinet while also using limited space.

Hanging storage

Aside from making a bespoke cabinet to suit your dishes perfectly, you could also make some hanging storage for long-stemmed glasses and accessories like spatulas.

Sink cover

You won’t have much counter room to work within a campervan, so you’ll have to be inventive. Making a sink cover is a simple method to create more space.

That way, it may serve as a chopping board, a place to set items while you’re washing them, or as extra counter space when you’re not cooking.

Magnetic knife holder

A magnetic knife strip is an excellent investment for keeping your blades secure and out of the way. You may either create your own with some effort or purchase one already assembled.

Knife magnet holders may be found in a variety of sizes and materials. Any metal knife, regardless of style, should be compatible with a magnetic knife holder.

First, it doesn’t take up much room in our campervan. It may be used for hanging dishtowels and drying clothes in the kitchen. This is particularly useful if you’re in the middle of nowhere and need to wash some delicates (or your bathing suit after a session in a hot spring!).

In addition to using it as a clothes dryer, we added a little plywood top that rests atop the rungs for use as additional counter space when the clothes are not in use.

Bed Storage

The style of bed you choose for your campervan will significantly impact the storage choices available in the “bedroom” space. Regardless of the bed you choose, there are some inventive ideas for bedroom storage you can get as well.

Bench Seat Storage

Transform those chairs into a plethora of useful options. Having a comfortable seat is great, but you could put batteries, metres, and other necessities in the space beneath the bench.

Clothing Storage

It would help if you considered where you would keep your clothes while designing the inside of your campervan. One clever solution is to install shelves next to the bed. These resourceful vandwellers maximised storage space by constructing a dome out of shelves and securing its contents with elastic bands.

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Under-bed Pull-out Storage

If you put some thought into it, you may easily find a practical way to store your clothes in your van throughout the duration of your van life. The process of reducing the number of items in your suitcase to those that are really required should not be stressful. Socks, bras, and underwear are all stored in their own individual compressible bag so that you can keep them neat and tidy.

Under-bed Drawers

One of the secrets to effective storage in a campervan is figuring out how to make use of the area beneath the mattress. Putting in built-in shelving is a great way to keep your belongings neat and out of sight while not in use.

Instead of taking the time to construct drawers, you may instead buy attractive baskets that will fit on your shelves.

Bedside Table

This ingenious vandweller realised that not all campervans come equipped with a bedside table, so she made a simple yet stylish addition to her van to use as a bedside table.

Are you having trouble deciding which bed style will work best in your campervan? You’re not alone! Because there are so many different kinds of beds available, making a decision may be difficult.

Bathroom Storage

One of the most important factors in deciding which van is appropriate for your conversion into a campervan is whether or not to install a toilet. However, there are several novel approaches to stowing away more sanitary necessities in your automobile.

Hidden shower

The space in a campervan is precious when you have to make do with it as your home. Because of this, many people who live in their campervans choose to install concealed showers. If you hide your shower behind a door or panel while it’s not in use, you may utilise that floor space for something else.

Living Space Storage

Pop-Up Table or Shelf

One of the finest campervan storage ideas is to have one of these pop-up shelves. It folds up neatly out of the way when not in use but extends effortlessly using spring-loaded hinges to provide more workspace, maybe for someone who prefers a window view from their desk.

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Another campervan storage idea is by putting up shelves to store items like books, plants, or trinkets is a good way to make use of unused wall space. Shelving with a low profile won’t protrude too far from the wall, leaving more room to breathe.

Adding shelves to a wall is a great way to display items like books, plants, and decorative items. Making the shelves slim ensures they won’t protrude too far from the wall and block your view.

Bulkhead storage

You should use the bulkhead storage area if your vehicle has one. It’s a large area that can store many items without negatively impacting the design of your home.

Use to stow away our tent and sleeping bags, both of which you won’t often be using. The window treatments you will be using are also kept in a convenient location.

Hidden table

Putting in a pull-out is a common option to upgrade a campervan with a table or more counter space. Built to resemble a standard drawer front, it requires hardly any more room in your cabinets and can be pulled out to provide a comfortable work or dining spot.

Shoe holder

Leaving your shoes by the entryway in a campervan might be inconvenient. This shoe storage concept is great if you don’t want to put them away every time.

Using bungee cords, you can put shoes against your cupboards without taking up too much room or fearing they’ll fly about while driving.

Discover the World

That’s all there is to it. However, we welcome any campervan storage tips you may have. We’re constantly looking for creative campervan storage solutions that make making do in a little area easier.


To optimise storage, many individuals think that purchasing a bigger campervan is the best option. While this may be true in certain scenarios, there are plenty of additional approaches you may take to make a smaller vehicle function for your needs. Drawers, cupboards, and other hidden storage spaces may be used, and furniture can be moved around to maximise your campervan storage and spaces.